The almighty conference.

23 Apr

I’ve been a deadbeat blogger as of late.

But let me rationalize. My first writing conference is this weekend and I’ve been consumed by preparation. I am exceptionally excited about attending this conference, but my snarky side can’t help itself, and it’s already making some assumptions as to what’s in store.

**Disclaimer** I have been to my share of conferences. I’ve also helped plan and execute my share of conferences, so I know that blood (well, let’s hope not too much blood, maybe from paper cuts?), sweat, and tears go into pulling off a conference, regardless of the subject matter. So, to be clear, these are my observations of conferences in general, not any one conference in particular. Did I cover myself? Apparently, I think that I am opening myself up for a lawsuit or something…

Now, I’m not a betting woman. Seriously. My roommate and I used to host ladies poker night where we attempted Texas hold ’em, mostly drank wine and Googled things like “ante in.” Anyhow, like I said, I’m not a betting woman, but I will wager on a few occurrences at this conference. I will even go as far as to say that at least three of the following will happen.

1. Someone will have technical difficulties and say, “I swear I tested this out before and it worked just fine!”

Now, I’ve been this person, so I sympathize. These phrases can also be substituted: “What the hell is this cord for?” and “I don’t know what that means! (to IT guy). Gotta love technology! (to audience).”

2. Someone will monopolize a workshop.

I hope this isn’t me since I am feeling like a little sponge wanting to soak everything in. But seriously people, this isn’t your private therapy session/one-on-one tutoring lesson.

3. Someone will be sleeping during a presentation.

Man, I hope this one doesn’t happen as I assume most people are paying for this conference themselves and not being sent for work. But then again, I saw plenty of people sleep in college and grad school, and I’m sure some of them were paying their own way.

4. Someone will argue with a presenter.

This one is always like a car accident. At first, it’s exciting, but then you realize it is just terrible for everyone involved.

5. Someone will get too drunk.

I hope someone gets too drunk and agrees to publish my book. Fingers crossed. 😉

If you can relate or if you have a good conference story, feel free to share!


2 Responses to “The almighty conference.”

  1. Daniel Ladd April 29, 2013 at 12:14 am #

    I feel like a nerd for laughing so hard at this.

    • katieannmeyer April 29, 2013 at 1:57 pm #

      Nerd or someone with an amazing sense of humor? 😀

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