21 Mar

As you may or may not know, this blog has been an online account of my writing journey, sprinkled with little morsels from my life.

Today’s morsel? I am coming up on my one year anniversary as a resident of St. Louis/The Lou/The STL.

I saw a car commercial with Justen the other day for a place called Mid-America Motorworks.

Me: Mid-America?

Justen: (silence)

Me: Ohh, like middle America.

Justen: (silence)

Me: Sometimes I forget that I live in the middle of America.

Justen: (eye roll and snort)

I guess occasionally I think I’m still on the edge of the country.

So, in honor of my “considerable time” in the Gateway City, I would like to share 15 things (remember my obsession with lists) this California girl was not at all familiar with before meeting her wonderful Midwestern husband.

1. Hockey: Yes, California has multiple hockey teams, but the love for this sport in the Midwest is like nothing I’ve ever seen.

2. Open containers: What is this? Vegas?

3. Fish fry: During Lent there are fish fry fundraisers all over town on Friday nights. As (an almost) Catholic convert, this helps with the whole no meat on Fridays thing.

4. Trivia night: Another fundraiser I’ve never seen in the Golden state, but grab ten friends, a cooler of beer, a few bottles of wine and finally put all that meaningless information in your brain to good use? Sign me up.

5. Snow: In California, you visit the snow, you don’t live in it. Why is it still 20 degrees in March???

6. Brick buildings: I love, love, love the architecture here. It is leaps and bounds above the stucco, track housing that is California.

7. Speed limit minimums: Um, what? There is no worry that anyone in California is driving BELOW the speed limit.

8. No U-turns: Come on. Let a girl flip a u-ey (not sure on the “correct” spelling on that one).

9. Toasted ravioli, gooey butter cake, St. Louis style pizza, Provel cheese, pork steaks: The first two are amazing! Not a fan of the pizza. The cheese is great on salads. Still confused by the pork steaks.

10. Where did you go to high school? Who cares? I went to Laguna Creek High School if anyone is curious.

11. Weather siren warnings:  These sirens go off and this creepy voice gives directions that I don’t know how anyone can understand. Growing up, anytime I heard the emergency broadcast system on the radio, it was ALWAYS a test. Here, not so much.

12. Local banks: There have to be 5,000 local banks here. And yet, no Wells Fargo.

13. Make a wrong turn and you are in another state: Even with my directional challenges, not something I had to worry about in Cali. And yes, I have done this here.

14. Wild bunnies: There are bunnies everywhere here! Justen tells me they are rabbits. No way. They are cute little bunnies and I love them. 

15. Basements: My experience with basements prior to last April was watching Kevin overcome the fear of his basement in Home Alone.

So, these are my little observations as a fish out of water. This fish does miss the ocean, but the Mississippi River is pretty great too.

Hope you are enjoying your week. 🙂


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