The rules of blogging.

22 Jan

Alright, so I am fairly certain I have broken the blogging rules. As a perfectionist (or more likely just a loopdy-loo) I actually Googled “blogging rules” in an attempt to get my arms around this thing. This was about as helpful as typing symptoms into WebMD. I became incredibly overwhelmed and found about 100 things I should have done before even starting this post. Determined to prevail, however, I stopped reading. Where I think I have broken the rules is in deleting old posts. I mean, I realize this isn’t illegal, but as someone who feels guilty about almost everything, it seems like cheating.

I actually tried to start a blog a couple of years ago, but first I had to write a pre-blog (yes, this is what I titled it) in a word document only to decide it wasn’t good enough. My blogging career was over before it even started.  Then a few months ago, I started the journey again. I have been knee-deep in working on a novel and I thought blogging might help hone my skills or at least force me through writer’s block. First off, it took me like half the day just to name the damn thing. I wanted to come up with something different. Something unique. Something amazing. I was also probably suffering from the delusion that some literary agent would stumble upon this blog and just think, I’ve got to get this girl a book deal. It’s also not like I’m offering helpful advice to people. Katie’s Dog Training Tips, which would be a horrible blog because my dog Penny only listens to my husband, just wasn’t the direction for this type of blog. I’m heading on a tangent here, but I needed something writing related and because I am just writing about my own experience and clearly not offering tips.

After landing on Succulent Words for the title, I wrote three blog posts that I later deleted, but these posts likely live somewhere on the Information Superhighway. Remember when that’s what everyone used to call the Internet? Anyway, I wanted to use this blog as practice for writing my novel, so I was writing the blog about myself in third person. Before you judge, I was simply trying to practice writing this way because my novel is from a third person limited POV. But let’s be frank, if you had read these, you should judge. After three posts, I just couldn’t take it. It was just so, so, pretentious. And while my husband will tell you that I’m a pretentious Californian, I’d like to limit the visibility of that trait until people get to know me and maybe I’ve been able to win them over with other qualities.

What have I learned? I will keep writing this blog and not delete posts. Lucky you, reader.

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